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  • 10 year warranty for the lifters
  • Built-in for normal suspensions
  • Lifter specialities manufacturer
  • No sacrifice on the stroke
  • Installed on 70% of carrera GT in Japan
  • No disadvantage after installation
  • Custom made for each car type
  • No problem in case of troubles beause it is rigid
  • Lifts up the body by 3inches in a second with a remote controller
  • ROBERUTA was founded in April 1993

Lifter System KIT

Roberuta Lifter system contains lifter unit, wiring, remote controller. The box which is core to the unit is alumited and it has air tank, compressor, bulbs and wires inside. It enables you to install on your car easily without special fabrication.


Only for the front lifter system, simple and highly-functional unit is assembled.

Aluminum Tank

Just like a box, it is alumited and it has smart outlook. It contains enough air for lifting.

Lifter Unit(FERRARI F430&360)

FERRARI 360 and F430 originally have a space which fits the lifter unit. There is no need to fabricate car body.


Compressor, which is big enough for lifting, starts together with the engine. It has fans to avoid the heat.


It sends the air to the lifter unit exactly and rapidly. In case the compressor malfunction, it stops automatically.